Airpulse A80

Hi-Res Audio Bluetooth Speakers

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Airpulse A80

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Technical Details

The A80 Bluetooth speakers are built with 18mm high-quality MDF materials. The Proprietary Aluminum Alloy Cone (PAAC) of mid-woofer was created based on a Klippel Laser Doppler Interferometer. Less power compression will be achieved thanks to the 30mm diameter voice coil.

Hi-Res Certified Speakers

The active Bluetooth speakers offer a great combination of stylish appearance and a powerful XMOS system. The Hi-Res certification is the successor of the excellent 3D audio result with many details.

Mid-woofer & Acoustic Isolation Pads

The 4.5-inch Mid-woofer and the 30mm diameter voice coil all together deliver more dynamic and realistic music to listeners. Vibration can be decreased by the 8-degree elevation isolation pads, hence ensuring a better sound performance.


Total Output Power (RMS)

L/R(Treble):10W + 10W
L/R(Woofer): 40W + 40W

Frequency Response

52Hz - 40kHz

Signal-to-Noise Rate

≥ 90dB (A)

Audio Inputs

AUX, PC, USB, Optical, Bluetooth (The USB, Optical Inputs Support Up to 192KHz Input Sample Rate)

lnput Sensitivity

AUX: 450 ± 50mV
PC: 550 ± 50mV
USB / Optical: 400 ± 50mFFs

Bluetooth Version


Dimensions (W x H x D)

140mm x 250mm x 220mm

Net Weight


Why can’t I hear any sound?

Please check the following points:
1) The power indicator light should be ON
2) Try to turn up the volume
3) Make sure the audio cables are correctly connected
4) Make sure you set the input correctly on the speakers 5) The audio source should deliver a signal output

Why can’t I connect my speakers via Bluetooth?

Please check the below points:
1) Make sure your speaker is switched to Bluetooth mode. Disconnect any other devices from your speakers
2) Ensure the transmission range is within 10 meters
3) Try another Bluetooth device for connection

Why can’t I turn on the speakers?

You can turn on the speakers by one of the following methods:
1) Connect the main power of your speakers
2) Switch on the wall outlet of your speakers

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