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Experience the Sound as if You Are There

The flagship series has been upgraded with high-definition APTX HD Bluetooth wireless transmission, and recognised with Hi-Res certification. It carries on the new Hi-Fi modeling of S3000 with increased volume of deep-base notes. The full-digital display interaction is more natural and the new remote control is more stylish.

New Style Better Hi-Fi

It continues the classic Hi-Fi styling of the S3000. The matte finish, lacquered cabinet is naturally integrated with walnut texture blister side panels. All combining to present a noble calmness and revealing ingenious luxury.

Hi-Res High Resolution Digital Audio

Thanks to the high-quality unit and with a digital audio resolution of up to 24-bit/192kHz, it completely exceeds the Hi-Res test criteria, presenting richer music details.

Upgraded Bluetooth Higher Definition

Based on Qualcomm QCC3031 Bluetooth module, with built-in APTX HD decoder, it boasts the wireless transmission of lossless high-definition music signals, achieving excellent Bluetooth music quality as the wired digital transmission.

Hi-Fi Sound Quality Enjoy the Charm of Vocal Music

Hi-Fi unit group + Hi-Fi circuit design makes the sound extraordinary and magical.

Three Full-Digital Power Amplifier Chips Drive Speakers Independently

The S2000MKIII uses three professional digital power amplifier chips (the TAS5754 produced by TI) which drive two groups of the speakers independently: treble and midbass giving freedom from mutual interference and additional energy. Each midbass unit is driven by a TAS5754 and features a luxurious PBTL parallel bridge to make the power reserve more abundant. The TAS5754 power amplifier outputs a PWM carrier frequency of 768KHz, fully optimizing high-frequency distortion and local noise.

High Quality Digital-Analog Conversion Chip

The S2000MKIII analog inputs are selected from the AD-C/DAC manufacturer Burr-Brown's PCM1802 chip, which has a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of up to 105dB and a dynamic range of up to 105dB. The fiber optic, coaxial digital interface uses the PCM9211 chip, also from Burr-Brown, which supports 24-bit and high-precision inputs of digital audio signals up to 216kHz.

Dual DSP Digital Audio Processing

The S2000MKIII uses two professional digital processing DSP chips from TI, the TL320AIC3254, which utilizes its miniDSP function to pair the treble channel and the mid-bass respectively. The channel performs independent electronic crossover and dynamic management, precisely controling frequency distribution, and fully releasing the characteristics of the treble and mid-woofer.

Amaze the World With the Power

The RMS continuous undistorted power of S2000MKIII is: treble 15W×2 + midbass 50W×2, able to easily present a large vocal scene, even for a large space of 50m2.

Multi Wired Inputs Simultaneous Connection

Two groups of wired digital inputs plus two groups of wired analog inputs, able to connect with multiple audio sources such as TV, set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, game consoles, CD players, DVDs, phones, computers, and tablets.

Digital Display Screen Intuitive and Clear

The original sound source indicator of the S2000MKIII is changed into a digital display screen, which can display sound source, sound mode, volume, etc., not only convenient in use, but also fun in the human-machine interaction.

Four sound modes

Each Hi-Fi manufacturer brings their own understanding of sound reproduction with different tuning styles. With such a powerful electro-acoustic system, we believe it wasteful to stick with a single style. We have, therefore, tuned four different sound styles on the S2000MKIII to reflect the subtleties of the genre of the song played. At this level there is, of course, no right or wrong for sound style.


Total Output Power (RMS)

L/R (treble): 15W+15W
L/R (mid-range bass): 50W + 50W

Frequency Response

45Hz - 40kHz

Signal-to-Noise Rate

≥ 90dB (A)

lnput Sensitivity

Line In 1: 800 ± 50mV
Line In 2: 600 ± 50mV
Bluetooth: 450 ± 50mFFs
Optical/Coaxial: 350 ± 50mFFs

Noise Level

≤ 25dB (A)

Why can’t I hear any sound?

Please check the following points:
1) The power indicator light should be ON
2) Try to turn up the volume
3) Make sure the audio cables are correctly connected
4) Make sure you set the input correctly on the speakers
5) The audio source should deliver a signal output

Why can’t I connect my speakers via Bluetooth?

Please check the below points:
1) Make sure your speaker is switched to Bluetooth mode. Disconnect any other devices from your speakers.
2) Ensure the transmission range is within 10 meters.
3) Try another Bluetooth device for connection.

Why can’t I turn on the speakers?

You can turn on the Edifier speakers by one of the following methods:
1) Connect the main power of your speakers
2) Switch on the wall outlet of your speakers

Why did noises coming from my speakers?

Please switch the system of these speakers to the active mode, and remove the audio source. There will be no problem with these speakers if you can't hear noises from 1 meter away.

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