Wall Mountable Speaker for TV

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Powerful Digital Amplifier

The B8 speaker uses a total of three Texas Instruments digital power amplifier chips TAS5754M, the continuous undistorted power of the speaker reaches up to 12W×2 for high pitch, 30W×2 for medium and low pitch, and 70W for the subwoofer.

Elevate Your TV Sound

25mm silk treble unit and 2 3/4" (70mm) aluminum diaphragm mid-range unit offer an outstanding dynamic response and the mid-low frequency performance is strong and impressive.

Modern and Stylish Look

Metal mesh cover, classic triangular design, and rounded curve reveal a fashion breath, combined with any large flat-panel TVs above 55 inches.


Total Output Power (RMS)

R/L (Treble): 12W + 12W
R/L (Mid-range): 30W + 30W
SW: 70W

Driver Units

Bass unit: 8 inch (210mm)
Mid-range unit: 2 ¾ inch (70mm)
Tweeter unit: inch (25mm)

Frequency Response

45Hz – 20kHz

Signal-to-Noise Rate

≥ 85dB (A)

Audio Inputs

AUX, Coaxial, HDMI, Line in, Optical

lnput Sensitivity

AUX: R/L: 400±50mV, SW:320±20mV
Bluetooth: R/L: 450±50mFFs; SW:370±20mFFs
Line in: R/L: 600±50mV; SW:500±20mV
OPT/COX: R/L: 350±50mFFs; SW:250±20mFFs

Bluetooth Version


Noise Level

≤ 25dB (A)

Why can’t I hear any sound?

Please check the following points: 1) The power indicator light should be ON 2) Try to turn up the volume 3) Make sure the audio cables are correctly connected 4) Make sure you set the input correctly on the speakers 5) The audio source should deliver a signal output

Why can’t I connect my speakers via Bluetooth?

Please check the below points: 1) Make sure your Edifier speakers are switched to Bluetooth mode. Disconnect any other devices from your speakers 2) Ensure the transmission range is within 10 meters. 3) Try another Bluetooth device for connection

Why can’t I turn on the speakers?

You can turn on the speakers by one of the following methods: 1) Connect the main power of your speakers 2) Switch on the wall outlet of your speakers

Does this soundbar come with dts and dolby decoders?

No. Please try PCM when connecting the soundbar via optical options. 

What is the power output of this soundbar?

RMS 16W×2 (Treble)+19 W×2 (Mid-range and bass)

Can I connect this soundbar to other Edifier bookshelf speakers?


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